A Buyer’s Guide to White Desks

Buying a white desk is not as simple as just going to the store and getting the most attractive piece you can find. You have to factor in several things. These include the size, what type of work you will do and the material it is made of.

The Work Area Size

The number rule is to never underestimate the work space required. Look at the one you are using now. If it is full of books, papers, the computer etc, get as big a unit as the room will allow. If necessary, remove some furniture to make space. This seems like a drastic move, but it is not. Since you will be spending a lot of time behind this furniture, you might as well get one that can serve your needs well.

The rectangular ones are still the most popular, but corner and mobile computer carts / desks are also trendy. These types, along with the L-shaped type, are good options if you have limited space. The U-shaped variant is favored by many computer users. The flat front desk is more suited for those who want the paperwork laid out before them.Read what he said small white desk.

If you are working with computers, take due notice of the space the device needs. A laptop will require less space than a desktop. If you are just using a computer for typing, any type will do. But if you have a printer, scanner, drawing tablet etc, you need more space.

Drawers, Cable Management and Chairs

If you are using a desktop PC with peripherals, consider buying a white desk with features that keep cables clear. Getting those wires entangled is a surefire way to clutter the workspace.

The drawers should also fit the paper type you use. A combination of shallow and deep drawers will let you store your utilities neatly.

Most of these units are sold with chairs. Make sure the chair is adjustable so you can work without straining your back. Of course you also need to make sure the unit can fit in the doorway.


Laminated are robust and they are not too expensive. Wood is always a good choice, although some can be pricey. For students, particle board types are the deal choice. They are durable but light, ideal when you have to move it around.

Other Things Buyers Should Evaluate

If the unit is well made and you take care of it, the furniture can last a lifetime. However, poorly made ones will chip away and deteriorate over the years.

Rather than settling for cheap types, it is better if you save money for a reasonably priced unit. Or better yet, look for discounts in retail stores and online. If shopping on the Net, compare prices along with shipping costs and return policies (in case the product is damaged in any way).

These are the main elements to consider when buying a white desk. It seems like a lot, but the extra research you put in will pay off because you will be working comfortably. This translates to increased production.


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